Greater Twin Cities Youth Symphonies, Online Masterclass: “Crafting Your Practice Process for the Uncertainties of the Covid Era”

Jul 15, 2020

How Going from GTCYS, to Nanotechnologist, to the Met Opera Helped Me Craft My Practice Process for the Uncertainties of the Covid Era

We are all experiencing absolutely unprecedented times, and young aspiring musicians arguably face a more daunting future than any time since World War II. However, my unorthodox career path also convinced me of the value of the right kind of practice — deliberate practice — and not just because it’s the most effective way to hone your craft on your way to a performing career. Deliberate practice inherently builds a diverse and valuable set of skills that you can (and should!) apply throughout your entire professional life and can help sustain yourself through even the most turbulent and uncertain times. In this hour-long presentation, I’ll discuss my path to the Met, how you can still be productive lacking access to percussion instruments, the attributes of deliberate practice, and how you can begin incorporating this versatility starting now.

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