Deliberate Practice Bootcamp

All In-Person Events for Summer 2020 Are Regrettably Cancelled Due To Covid-19. Please Check Back Soon For Updates Regarding Online Events…and Stay Safe and Healthy!

Are you a dedicated high school, college-level, or early professional craving a way to sound better on your instrument? Do you sometimes feel lost in the practice room?

Then the Deliberate Practice Bootcamp is definitely for you.

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We will help you refine your practice room process, and demonstrate how efficient practicing is the cornerstone of any effective audition plan. Open to all instrumentalists, the Deliberate Practice Bootcamp evolved out of a one-of-a-kind semester-long class which I teach at NYU. While that course was years in the making, Bootcamp attendees will get the “best of” material distilled into two compact evenings. We’ll cover topics including:

  • Approaching practicing and auditioning with a healthy mindset and philosophy
  • Exploring the attributes of deliberate practice
  • Applying the attributes of deliberate practice via takeaway skills like:
    • Smart rep list and excerpt prioritization
    • Understanding the hierarchical elements of musicianship, and prioritizing your practice according the most important ones
    • Time management and developing calendar discipline
    • Designing a practice hour based on excerpt priorities
    • Creating exercises to focus on specific technical problems
    • Maintaining practice room focus
    • The “soft skills” of giving and receiving useful feedback
    • Understanding how to immerse yourself in the most helpful “domain experiences”
  • Deliberate persuasion: hearing your own playing the way a committee will, and making smart musical choices to persuade them
  • Giving yourself durable feedback: self-recording and efficient archiving
  • The ideal excerpt: exploring “mental representations,” and understanding how to compare self-recordings against your “perceived best”

Now, just in case you’re wondering “can a timpanist really teach other instrumentalists how to practice and audition better?”…well, glad you asked! Whether it’s a trombonist stating “If I were auditioning for an orchestra, I would sprint to this Bootcamp!” or an oboist praising the Bootcamp as “one of the most inspired, intriguing and informative classes I have ever attended,” the answer is YES.  You will come away from these sessions a better practicer, a better auditioner, and a better musician.

Please consider joining us in Minneapolis this July!

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REGISTER for the Deliberate Practice Bootcamp

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Deliberate Practice Bootcamp Testimonials:

“Jason Haaheim’s teaching methods are not only for timpanists and percussionists, but apply to any musician trying to attain the highest level of performing. In fact, his principles could likely be applied to any number of professions outside of music. I was very taken with his straightforward approach, addressing all aspects of achieving excellence without it seeming daunting. If I were thinking of auditioning for an orchestra, or simply wanted a great method to gain consistency of a high level, I would sprint to this boot camp!”
~John Rojak — bass trombonist of the American Brass Quintet

“The deliberate practice bootcamp gave me a methodical approach to improving my practice process after many years of unknowns. The information presented in the bootcamp was very specific and immediately relevant. It played a major role in boosting my confidence and definitely helped me in winning my audition for the Boise Philharmonic.”
~Alex Artale — principal timpanist, Boise Philharmonic

“Jason Haaheim’s presentation to our NYU undergraduate performance majors — woodwinds, brass, strings and percussion — was GREAT: an over-the-top hit with our students and faculty! Jason’s multimedia approach to how to practice effectively, referred to as the ‘Deliberate Practice Bootcamp’ was one of the most inspired, intriguing and informative classes I have ever attended. Using scientific methods to perfect his art, he will show all who attend his classes the pathway to effective auditioning, performing, and success.”
~Matt Sullivan — NYU Director of Wind Studies and Professor of Oboe

“After working with Jason, my preparation and productivity had such a huge overhaul that I’ve improved more in the last two months than in the last two years.”
~Georgia Williams — principal flute, Opera Australia Orchestra

“Thank you Jason Haaheim for all of your mind-blowing knowledge and inspiration. I would definitely recommend the Deliberate Practice Bootcamp to any musician.”
~Nathan Ankrom — master’s student, Roosevelt University

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