Jason Haaheim (pronounced HAW-heim) was appointed a Principal Timpanist of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra in 2013. In addition to performances at New York's Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall, Mr. Haaheim can be seen and heard performing with the MET Orchestra on television, international radio, and Live in HD movie theater broadcasts. Mr. Haaheim is on faculty at the Bard Conservatory of Music. A sought-after clinician, Mr. Haaheim gives masterclasses both nationally and internationally, and is the founder of the Northland Timpani Summit, the Deliberate Practice Bootcamp, and the Artful Timpani Auditioning seminar. He is also a frequent coach for The Orchestra Now (TON), the Carnegie Hall National Youth Orchestra (NYO), and the New York Youth Symphony (NYYS).

Mr. Haaheim’s guest principal timpanist engagements have included the All Star Orchestra, the Seoul Philharmonic, the Mostly Mozart Festival Orchestra, and the Milwaukee Symphony. He is the principal timpanist of the Lakes Area Music Festival, and has also been a resident artist of the Twickenham Festival. Prior to the Met, Mr. Haaheim was principal timpanist of the Southwest Michigan Symphony and the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, and he performed regularly as timpanist with the Madison Symphony, Illinois Symphony, Peoria Symphony, Fort Wayne Philharmonic, and the Illinois Philharmonic.

Mr. Haaheim began studying piano in 4th grade, adding percussion studies in 5th grade. He holds a bachelor of arts degree with a double major in honors-music-performance and physics from Gustavus Adolphus College (St. Peter, MN); he also holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering from UC-Santa Barbara. Influential teachers have included John Tafoya (Indiana University, National Symphony), Dean Borghesani (Milwaukee Symphony), and Robert Adney (Gustavus Adolphus College, MacPhail Music School). While auditioning and freelancing, Mr. Haaheim worked as a Senior Research and Development Engineer at NanoInk, a Chicago-area tech company. In this capacity, he gave invited talks on nanotechnology, authored multiple peer-reviewed publications, and was granted numerous patents. In 2017, this dual-career path was highlighted in an interview with Melissa Block on NPR’s Weekend Edition.

Active in many musical areas, Mr. Haaheim has also performed extensively as a chamber musician and jazz drummer. He collaborated with Yo-Yo Ma in a Civic Orchestra / Silk Road Ensemble performance, and recorded the premiere of Augusta Read Thomas’s “Terpsichore’s Dream” with members of the Chicago Symphony. Mr. Haaheim has performed with Chicago’s ensemble dal niente, and premiered Ryosuke Yagi’s “Mirrors…for timpani” with the UCSB Ensemble of Contemporary Music. Other projects have included drumming for the jazz-fusion quartet “The J3 Intent” and the alt-country band “The Lost Cartographers.” At Gustavus, Mr. Haaheim was selected for the honors recital and won first place in the orchestra’s concerto competition. Extra-musical interests include backpacking and hiking, rock climbing, and both downhill and cross-country skiing.

Jason Haaheim Independent Engineering Consultant at Haaheim EngineeringAdditional Scientist / Engineering Background

Engineering Resume (pdf)

  • U.S. Patent  8,256,017 (issued):  “Using Optical Deflection of Cantilevers for Alignment”;  [link to PTO]
  • U.S. Patent  8,017,191 (issued):  “Fast Dip for Reduced Wicking in Nanolithographic Ink Delivery”;  [link to PTO]
  • U.S. Patent  8,256,018 (issued):  “Array and Cantilever Array Leveling”;  [link to PTO]
  • U.S. Patent  8,261,662 (issued):  “Active Pen Nanolithography”;  [link to PTO]
  • U.S. Patent  2008-0309688 (pending):  “Nanolithography with use of Viewports”;  [link to PTO]
  • U.S. Patent  2010-0288543 (pending):  “DPN of Conductive Lines”;  [link to PTO]
  • U.S. Patent  2011-0268882 (pending):  “Ball Spacer Method for Planar Object Leveling”;  [link to PTO]
  • U.S. Patent  2011-0268883 (pending):  “Force Curve Analysis Method for Planar Object Leveling”;  [link to PTO]
  • U.S. Patent  2011-0014378 (pending):  “Leveling devices and methods”;  [link to PTO]
  • U.S. Patent  2012-0295030 (pending):  “High Density, Hard Tip Arrays”;  [link to PTO]
  • U.S. Patent  61/619XXX (pending):  “Flat High-Density Tip Arrays”  [no link available]

Selected Publications:

  • Haaheim, J.; Val, V; Bussan, J; Rozhok, S; Jang, J-W; Fragala, J; Nelson, M.;  “Self-Leveling Two-Dimensional Probe Arrays for Dip Pen Nanolithography.”  Scanning Vol. 32, 49-59 (2010);  [link to journal,  download pdf]
  • Hung, S.C.; Nafday, O.A.; Haaheim, J.R.; Chi, C.Y.; Ren, F.; Pearton, S.;  “Dip Pen Nanolithography of Conductive Silver Traces.”  Journal of Physical Chemistry C  114 (21), pp 9672-9677 (2010);  [link to journal,  download pdf]
  • Nafday, O; Haaheim, J; Villagran, F;  “Site-Specific Dual Ink Dip Pen Nanolithography.”  Scanning Vol. 31, 122-126 (2009);  [link to journal,  download pdf]
  • Wang, H-T.; Nafday, O.; Haaheim, J.; Tevaarwerk, E.; Amro, N.; Sanedrin, R.; Chang, C-Y.; Ren, F.; Pearton, S.;  “Toward Conductive Traces:  Dip Pen Nanolithography of Silver Nanoparticle-Based Inks.”  Applied Physics Letters  93, 143105 (2008);  [link to journal,  download pdf]
  • Haaheim, J.; Nafday, O.;  “Dip Pen Nanolithography: A ‘Desktop Nanofab’ Approach Using High-Throughput Flexible Nanopatterning.”  Scanning Vol. 30, 137-150 (2008);  [invited review article; 6th most downloaded in 2008];  [link to journal,  download pdf]
  • Nafday, O; Rajasekar, P; Haaheim, J; Weeks, B.L.  “Patterning High Explosives at the Nanoscale.”  Propellants, Explosives, Pyrotechnics 31, No. 5 (2006);  [link to journal,  download pdf]
  • Haaheim, J; Eby, R; Nelson, M; Fragala, J; Rosner, B; Zhang, H; Athas, G.  “Dip Pen Nanolithography (DPN): Process and Instrument Performance with NanoInk's NSCRIPTOR System.”  Ultramicroscopy 2005, 103 (2): 117-132.  [cited > 20 times];  [link to journal,  download pdf]
  • Amro, N.A.; Haaheim, J; Nelson, M; Fragala, J; Henning, A; Bussan, J;  “Fully automated nanoscale scanning probe lithography.” Proceedings, Technologies for Future Micro Nano Manufacturing, Paper P24.B (Transducers Research Foundation, San Diego, CA, 2011; T. Kenny and M. A. Schmidt, eds.)  [no link available]
  • Fragala, J.S.; Henning, A; Shile, R; Amro, N; Haaheim, J; “High-performance, high-density tip arrays for reliable manufacturing.” Proceedings, Technologies for Future Micro Nano Manufacturing, Paper P29.A (Transducers Research Foundation, San Diego, CA, 2011; T. Kenny and M. A. Schmidt, eds.)  [no link available]
  • Haaheim, J.; Nafday, O.; Levesque, T.; Fragala, J.; Shile, R.;  “MEMS-Enabled Dip Pen Nanolithography for Directed Nanoscale Deposition and High-Throughput Nanofabrication.”  Proceedings of SPIE MOEMS-MEMS, 2009.;  [link to journal]
  • Haaheim, J.; Nafday, O.;  “Desktop Biological Nanopatterning Using Dip Pen Nanolithography.”  American Laboratory, 40 (20), 2008.;  [link to journal]
  • Stokes, R.; Dougan, J.; Irvine, E.; Haaheim, J.; Stiles, P.; Levesque, T.; Graham, D.;  “Fabrication of biosensor arrays via DPN and detection by surface enhanced resonance Raman scattering.”  Proceedings of SPIE Nanoscience and Engineering:  Plasmonics: Metallic Nanostructures and their Optical Properties VI, 7032-W320, 2008.;  [link to journal]
  • Haaheim, J.; Tevaarwerk, E.; Fragala, J.; Shile, R.;  “Commercially Available High-Throughput Dip Pen Nanolithography.”  Proceedings of SPIE Defense and Security:  Micro (MEMS) and Nanotechnologies 6959-I9590, 2008.;  [link to journal]
  • Nafday, O.; Vaughn, M.; Haaheim, J.; Weeks, B.;  “Modeling Nanoscale Ink Transport in Dip Pen Nanolithography.”  Proceedings of SPIE Defense and Security:  Micro (MEMS) and Nanotechnologies 6959-B9591, 2008.;  [link to journal]
  • Fragala, J.; Shile, R; Haaheim, J.;  “Enabling the Desktop Nanofab with DPN Pen and Ink Delivery Systems.”  Proceedings of MRS Fall 2007 Symposium:  Microelectromechanical Systems – Materials and Devices 1052313-319, 2008.;  [link to journal]
  • Haaheim, J.; Tevaarwerk, E.; Fragala, J.; Shile, R.;  “Dip Pen Nanolithography: A Maturing Technology for High-Throughput Flexible Nanopatterning.”  Proceedings of SPIE Defense and Security:  Micro (MEMS) and Nanotechnologies 6556-T5560, 2007.;  [link to journal]
  • Nafday, O.; Weeks, B.L.; Haaheim, J.; Eby, R.  “Patterning PETN and HMX using Dip Pen Nanolithography”  Proceedings of MRS Fall 2006 Symposium:  Multifunctional Energetic Materials 896251-256, 2006.;  [link to journal]

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But perhaps most importantly, Mr. Haaheim is fairly certain he holds the world record for creating the smallest ever portrait of Homer Simpson.

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