Timpani Lab at the Metropolitan Opera

spring 2020
Runs Jan 27Mar 6, 2020
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Starting new this fall (2019), I’ll be hosting three “timpani lab” sessions at the Met, free and open to the public. Spring 2020 sessions:
Timp Lab #4: Monday, 1/27, 6p
Timp Lab #5: Monday, 2/3, 6p
Timp Lab #6: Friday, 3/6, 7p

“Timpani lab” is my incarnation of a timpani-focused studio class. While technically under the auspices of NYU (but actually taking place at the Met), my intention is for this to be open to all interested timpanists in the NYC area and broader northeast corridor. My overall plan replicates much of the “Artful Timpani Auditioning” environment from last July’s seminar, but more regularly and with more workshopping opportunities. I’ll have gear and resources to present on certain topics as appropriate, but we’ll also want to hear plenty of playing from others, critiquing and offering feedback, and mocks…especially when major auditions are approaching.

All sessions will take place at the Met in the basement level large orchestra rehearsal room (C28). Again, anyone is welcome to attend; you’ll just need to RSVP to me first so I can get you on the stage door security list.